November 27, 2019

Dear Client and/or Friend,

We held our 9th annual investment conference on October 24th. Thanks to those who attended our conference, and helped make it a success. As always, the participants had a fun and informative evening.

We have attached our conference handout. This handout is useful for learning more about our investment division, our history, current thoughts, industry allocations, and some specific company mentions.

2019 RBS Investment Conference Handout

The video is also posted on our website.

During the conference, we reiterated that we do not currently have any fixed income, or pure safety alternatives in our portfolios. Being backed by the FDIC, CDs offer almost pure safety of principal. It is our view, the ability to earn returns in excess of CDs, accompanied by total safety, does not exist.  We can buy CDs for you, via TD Ameritrade Institutional. We have found the rates that TD Ameritrade Institutional offers to be more than competitive. Please let us know if you are interested in opening a CD account with us. Even if you already have an account under our management, a new account would need to be opened. We currently are not charging any fees for these specific CDs.

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If you would like to discuss investing, finance or your financial situation, please let us know, and we will set up an appointment. There is no charge for this service.
Happy Holidays!

Ronald R. Redfield CPA,PFS