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We are an Investment Management Firm that specializes in value investing and portfolio construction. We offer free consultations.

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RBS investment notes on companies we have written about

The following are companies which we have written about. The date on the right indicates our most recent update. Please do your own due diligence, read our disclaimer, and please do not make any investment decisions based solely on these notes.

AbbVie Inc- 6/26/19

Aleafia Health- 9/24/19

Aphria- 10/15/19

Auxly Cannabis Group (CBWTF) -8/22/19

Brunswick Bancorp (BRBW) - 9/25/19

CannTrust- 7/18/19

Delta 9 Cannabis - 9/27/19

• Gazprom (OGZPY) - 12/13/19

Golden Leaf Holdings - 3/7/19

HEXO Corp. - 7/29/19

iAnthus Capital Holdings - 8/27/19

KushCo Holdings (KSHB) - 10/7/19

MIND CTI  (MNDO) - 4/17//19

Scotts Miracle Gro- 10/23/19

Sunniva Inc.- 6/17/19

Supreme Cannabis Co..- 12/11/19

The Valens Company - 12/17/19

Useful Links


Please use all calculators and links with care. We are not responsible for broken or inappropriate links. Please consult a financial professional in interpreting inputs and data.

Accounting and Auditing Enforcement Releases - Financial enforcement action database
Accounting Frauds Page - Accounting Frauds and Creative Accounting
ADVFN - Get financials going back to 1993.
Altman Z Spreadsheet - solvency predictor in XL format
Apple Insider - site to track Apple, components makers and competitors
Ben Graham Center For Value Investing - Interesting to rummage through on occasion
Big Charts - site specializing in charting
The Big Picture - macro perspectives of economy and geopolitics
Board of Directors Search - SSIA lots of good stuff
Bureau of Labor Statistics - site for economic research
Business Insider - Interesting site with Henry Blodget
Caijing.Com - Chinese Finance Magazine. Praised by Grant's Interest Rate Observer
Calculators - various financial calculators. I haven't reviewed, but looks excellent
Canadian Insider Trading Site - tracks insider activity for Canadian Companies
Census Bureau
Center for Responsible Lending
CIA World Factbook - Provides information on every Government in the world
Closed End Funds - Our favorite links for Closed End Funds
Congressional Budget Office - Outlooks and Budgets - Discussions on credit and bankruptcy
Crestmont Research - site with various historical charts
Damodaran Online - SSIA
Deal - A Wall Street Tabloid. Some good info. - great site with an international translator
DigiTimes - site specializing in Technology news - many calculators of all types
Dismal Scientist from - economic research
Economic Analysis (US Bureau of Economic Analysis)- SSIA
Economic and Statistics Administration - Department of Commerce
Economic Indicators from Wall Street Journal - Excellent Publication Source
Edgar Search - tool in Beta format (June 9, 2006)
Excel and other Shortcuts by Hamilton Lin, CFA - lots of shortcuts
Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas - Interesting site for research
Federal Reserve Bank of NY - Interesting site for research
Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco - "Some of the best tools."
Financial Forecast Center - Excellent long term data
Financial Sense Online - a Contrarian Investment Site
Flightaware - track flights and fleets
FREDII Database - 1,000 economic data series
Freddie Mac - monitor interest rates and applications, and more
The Fund Library - Supposedly Canada's Mutual Fund Resource Centerf
Georgia Tech Financial Lab - Charles Mulford's Lab
Google Features - details of many of Google's search features
Guru Focus - Track the stock picks of guru investors
Index Mundi - Easy to read graphs of commodities, country data and more
InfoMine - Excellent charts and tools for commodities
Insider Trading Site - tracks insider activity
Insider Trading Site Canada - tracks insider activity for Canadian Companies
Institutional Holder Site - excellent data, yet not complete, but excellent info
Insurance Information Institute - excellent industry data
International Monetary Fund - Look at Data and Statistics Section
Journal of Commerce - SSIA
J3sg Insider Trading Site - Mentioned in book '42 Rules of Sensible Investing'
Khan Academy.ORG - Videos on various subjects (I especially enjoyed the Banking Videos) - a site dedicated to fiber optic technologies
Mathematical Search Engine - Wolfram Alpha - Very awesome. A ton of financial calculations
Market - Interesting site with writings and letters of many hedge funds - Interesting site with writings of many economists
Money Chimp - Great site for formulas, explanations and historical data
Moody's Ratings and Definitions - Cool PDF which explains ratings and such
Mortgage Bankers Association- Site to track the mortgage industry.
Mortgage - Site to track the mortgage industry.
National Mortgage News - News and boards, nice search feature
Naked Capitalism - Interesting Financial blog
National Association of Insurance Commissioners - Financial Data Collected by Fed Reserve
New York Observer - Great site for NY news. Excellent Real Estate section
Oaktree Investment memos 1990 - 2009 - 700 pages of Howard Marks' Investment Memos - "economics of content"
Paul Krugman column - excellent and thought provoking
Philadelphia Fed - Factory release and Beige Book
The Power Of Cash Flow Ratios
Pragmatic Capitalism - alternative perspective the economy
ProPublica - an independent, non-profit newsroom
RealtyTrac - Foreclosure listings
Return on Invested Capital (ROIC) - Awesome whitepaper by Andrew Chan
SEDAR.COM - Canadian version of Edgar
Seeking - Conference call transcripts and more
Shiller Data - Long term housing, interest rates and other great data
Stanford Law - Securities Class Action Clearinghouse - Securities Class Action Clearinghouse.
St. Louis Fed - economic research
Stock Screener - Free and robust stock screener from Financial Visualizations
USDA - Department of Agriculture (food pyramid is awesome)
US Treasury - United States Department of Treasury
Value Investing News - Potentially cool site, articles, etc.
The Walter Schloss Archive - Excellent writings of or about Walter Schloss
Whale - Interesting site with Insider and Institutional holdings
Zero Hedge - Must read Investment Site.