Redfield, Blonsky & Starinsky, LLC Advisor Profile

What makes our firm unique:

  • We were established in 1958.  The two owners of the firm,  have been working together at Redfield, Blonsky & Starinsky., LLC,  for over 33 years.  We have an extensive back office, which enables us to properly service all of our clients’ financial needs.
  • We use a teamwork approach to investing.  We emphasize that our clients be a part of the investment process.  This teamwork approach is vital in helping us determine our clients’ risk tolerances as well as their potential needs for capital preservation and vital in helping us shape their investment philosophies.
  • We practice value investing.  We try to find companies or investments that we feel are selling at a price that is below intrinsic value.  We emphasize a long term approach to investing.  We focus on the investment itself and not its short term shareholder performance.

Our Firm’s Services and Investment Philosophy:

We think of ourselves as  “Value Investors”.  We like to find value or potential value in all of our investments, whether the investment is a Treasury bond, a “blue chip stock” or a “speculative company.”  We customize portfolios based on our clients’ risk tolerance levels.  We are always available to speak with our clients. We are candid with our clients.  We will not supply answers that are merely pleasant for our clients to hear– we tell  each of our clients exactly how we feel about a specific situation.

We are also known as “focused investors”. Typically, we know the companies we invest in quite well. Reuters, Business Week and The Star Ledger, to name a few, have interviewed us regarding our knowledge of specific companies. Rather than know a little about many companies, we learn and gather a great deal of information about just a few companies. This gives us the ability to fully understand each company, its industry, its competitors and its customers. Our goal is to dig and dig for data. We always exercise the use of “doubt” in our portfolios. We live by the motto, “doubt is central to understanding.”

We have an in-house team of accountants (many of which are Certified Public Accountants) and a well-informed support staff.   Together, this team enables us to research and interpret financial statements, as well as tend to the daily tasks of maintaining our clients’ accounts.

Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Investment returns and principal values will fluctuate in all portfolios.