The following are some sites that we use for Closed End Funds. – Closed End Fund Fact Sheets. – Closed End Fund Center. This is my favorite Closed End Fund Site – Nice site for Closed End Funds – Wall Street Journal Closed End Fund Pricing page in Markets Center – I occasionally use this site. – Subscription required. This is the ultimate Closed End Fund Site. Herzfeld publishes an annual premium/discount graph by fund. Herzfeld was gracious enough to give us permission to post this on our site, you can access it by clicking here. If you are interested in closed end funds and doing your own investing, you should seriously consider a subscription to the research. – I always like to hear what Marty Zweig has to say.

Monthly summary of Corporate Activity – The Altman Group (has 13D filings)

Discussion given to an investment group on May 21, 2005. These are informal notes and handouts.