BBBY Intrinsic Value this page is 36.63


On this page, notice how i changed a few items and the results are quite different. I changed the following

Revenues to 4560.

Growth Rate to 15 %

Shares O/S to 303.5

Depreciation Rate down to 2.0 %

I left most else the same and didnt really look real close at the differences.

Intrinsic value goes down from default of 56.85 to 36.63

Click here to see the same thing with Growth rate brought down to 10 %

Online Valuation for BBBY – 8 / 6 / 2003

Intrinsic Stock Value               

Excess Return Period (yrs)     Depreciation Rate (% of Rev)   

Revenues ($mil)                      Investment Rate (% of Rev)     

Growth Rate (%)                      Working Capital (% of Rev)      

Net Oper. Profit Margin (%)      Short-Term Assets ($mil)         

Tax Rate (%)                             Short-Term Liab. ($mil)           

Stock Price ($)                           Equity Risk Premium (%)        

Shares Outstanding (mil)           Company Beta                        

10-Yr Treasury Yield (%)            Value Debt Out. ($mil)            

Bond Spread Treasury (%)         Value Pref. Stock Out. ($mil)  

Preferred Stock Yield (%)            Company WACC (%)