Below is a collection of links as put together by a person named David T. Groves. We do not accept any responsibility for incorrect data or links. We are merely attempting to place this here as a source of due diligence for anyone looking to do research on Corvis. Again all that follows is David’s links and none of our own.

Corvis Takes Matters Into Its Own Hands

Corvis sees the light

Broadwing/Corvis union: Year One- read second page of article also.

Broadwing’s new lease on life:,1416,354,00.html

Broadwing expands with Corvis gear…

Mark Pugerude to Lead Broadwing VoIP Introduction

Broadwing Hires 25-Year Industry Veteran to Launch and Lead Government Services Initiative

Although the Needham Investors Conference in January showed some great insight in the direction Corvis is going, it has become unavialable from the link at the Corvis homepage. Some of the subsequent articles above, show how they are implementing it.

Luckily, I saved some slides from the presentation that show nicely where we are headed.

Managing Broadwing for Growth: Government, Cable, Media, Broadcasting

Metro Access Strategy: They lit up a loop in Florida and have 200 projects like that slated!

The Network:

Market Attack Plan: Large Enterprises

Market Attack Plan: Mid Enterprises

Summary: They expect to be BREAKEVEN in mid 2004. Mark Spagnolo, Broadwings CEO stated “if not sooner” and that breakeven will come from grooming the network and cost savings, it does NOT rely on new customers!.

This is a PDF (acrobat) presentation from last year on the corvis site.

Broadwing Announces Bandwidth on Reserve For Carriers and Large Enterprises,1416,353,00.html

Corvis / Focal Comm – 4000 customers $320 million revs added

Gartner – Corvis/Broadwing to Build Enterprise Base With Focal Purchase

Focal – THE MERGER – SEC filing…

Broadwing & Shaw Communications

Corvis/Covad Relationship

Broadwing expands into Canada: Shaw deal: “definitely not a transport swap”…

Retex Selects Broadwing for Unique Private Line Solution – Potential 2300 customers

Fortune 1000 Company Joins Broadwing Customer List

Illinois Tool Works Renews Contract