October 27, 2015                               Notes to the book, ‘The Like Switch’ : An Ex-FBI Agent’s Guide to Influencing, Attracting, and Winning People Over’ (Schafer and Karlins)

DJIA 17,600

S&P 500 2065

Increasing eye contact, raising eyebrows, tilting head and jutting out chin are friend signals.

If you see two people talking facing each other, watch their feet. If their feet are facing each other they are telegraphing a private conversation. If their feet are askew, they are inviting conversation.

Primary effect – This will create pre-judgment.

Ben Franklin effect – Ask someone for a small favor. People do a favor and feel good about themselves.

Address someone by their name. People like that.

LOVE – Listen, Observe, Vocalize and Empathize. These are four words which will maximize your chance of making friends.

Why should I believe you? The proper answer should be, “Because I am telling the truth.”

Listening demands total focus.

Observe – In any verbal interaction be sure to observe the other party before, during and after transmitting the information.

Watch out for word mines – This means your intent might be good, but a word you use might set some one off. One word might be sensitive to one person.

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